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Jam To The Blues

Jam Along Blues Album for Fun and Learning

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Blues is a fun style of music to jam to. The music is simple enough to use one scale for all of your melodic material, yet complex enough to use the most sophisticated line techniques to play harmonic solos.

The classic blues feel is the shuffle. This common dance rhythm is easy to dance and move to, and the backing tracks provided on the Jam Along Blues Album come with shuffles in a variety of tempos and keys to help you be ready for whatever comes your way in a jam session.

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Jam Materials in PDF Format

The Jam Along Blues Album is a fun learning tool that provides the opportunity to play along, or sing along, with clear, well-balanced backing tracks that have rock-steady time. With eleven instrumental blues progressions at your disposal, you can jam along any time you want to. These tracks can really help you get the feel of playing the blues, and make the time spent learning fun and easy.

Jam Along Albums are easy to use

Simply play the tracks and jam along. There are no solos, vocals or melodies, just background tracks, so you can really stretch out. Each track lasts at least five or six minutes, so there is lots of solo time for you to try out new ideas and work on improving old ones.

Teachers can use the Jam Along Blues Album in private lessons

Frank Singer playing Bass with JD Blues Band Frank Singer, Jam Along Album creator and music instructor with over thirty years of experience, uses the Albums in private lessons, as well as recommending the use of the Album at home to students. "I created these Albums so that my students had the chance to practice their jamming every day, instead of once a week during the lesson. I found that they were fun to use in the lessons as well, particularly with drummers. I have used pre-recorded music in the past, but find the Jam Along Blues Album much more focused and easy to direct."

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Jam Materials in PDF Format

Blues is a great place to start

Blues is one of the foundations of American Music, and provides a foundation for an improvisor in many of the different styles you hear in today's music. Rock-and-Roll, Jazz, Bluegrass, Jump-Swing and many other music forms are saturated with blues harmony and melody.

Blues is easy to play for beginning musicians, and can provide a challenge to the most advanced performer. Jamming with the Blues Scale, the Minor Pentatonic Scale, and the Dorian Scale is immensely satisfying. At the same time, the most comprehensive collection of techniques can be applied, including the use of Modal Scales, Functional Harmony, and Jazz Line Techniques.

Progressions and Scales

The chord progressions and recommended scales are provided here on this web site to anyone. Materials are provided for concert pitch (C), Bb, and Eb instruments. The chord progressions on the Album are provided, as well as solo materials for playing by key (melodically) and by chord (harmonically). Brief explainations of the goals and objectives for each track are included as well.

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Jam Materials in PDF Format

A few mp3s just for fun

During the process of making the Jam Along Blues Album, creator Frank Singer recorded guitar solos over some of the backing tracks to make sure the music was easy to play along with. Although the solos are a bit non-stylistic, they are presented here for fun and to provide samples of jamming along.

[Note: The solos are NOT included on the Album.]

Bump/Turnaround 12-bar Blues in A guitar solo Bump/Turnaround in A [Track 5]: download | stream

Shotgun Blues guitar solo Shotgun Blues [Track 6]: download | stream

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Jam Along Blues Album:

Slow Shuffles:
Keys of E and A
Backing Tracks (Slow Shuffles):
Worried Life Blues (A - 8 bar)
Shotgun Blues (A - stop time)
Fast Shuffle:
Key of D
Backing Track (Fast Shuffle):
Walkin' The Boogie (G)
Cycle Loops:
Isolation -
(Cycle of Fifths, 6 bars)
Extended Dominant -
(Cycle of Fifths, 12 bars)
Substitute Dominant -
(Down in Half Steps, 12 bars)

More fun than a metronome!
Highly portable!
Variable tempos, keys and forms.

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All Rights Reserved